A Qualitative Study

We are looking for working adults with a lived experience of suicidality at work to take part in a study to help understand disclosure of suicidality at work. A lived experience of suicidality at work simply means that you have personally experienced suicidal thoughts or survived a suicide attempt while at work.

  1. You can participate if you:
    1. Are 18 or older
    2. Are working in open and paid employment in any type of organisation in any Australian state or territory
    3. Have a lived experience of suicidality while at work (but you have not experienced suicidality in the past six months)
    4. May or may not have disclosed this experience of suicidality in the workplace.

What does the study involve?

You will be asked to participate in one in-depth interview, lasting approximately 45 – 60 minutes conducted over Zoom. During the interview, you will be asked about your experiences relating to disclosing suicidality at work.

You will be reimbursed for your time with a $30.00 Prezee gift voucher.

Please email the project lead if you are interested in participating or have any questions.

On behalf of the project team,
Project Lead: Ms Martina McGrath (PhD Candidate), student researcher
Email: martina.mcgrath@student.unimelb.edu.au

Additional researchers:
Dr Karl Andriessen, Senior Research Fellow, Email: karl.andriessen@unimelb.edu.au
Professor Jane Pirkis, Centre Director, Centre for Mental Health
Dr Karolina Krysinska, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Mental Health
Professor Nicola Reavley, Unit Head, Centre for Mental Health

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