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We’re always interested in speaking with people that are passionate about the voice of support people.

Louise Cornish (she/her)


“It is a privilege to lead our team as we advocate for families and friends while we strive to achieve our strategic priorities, mission and values.

“As a grassroots social worker, my passion has always been to work in an organisation that is dedicated to working with key partners to achieve meaningful mental health policy reform. I am looking forward to continuing the great work the team does each day to improve the experiences for families and friends”.

“What I most enjoy my role as CEO is working with a passionate and like-minded team and board at MHFFTas and witnessing the amazing impact that the lived experience of families and friends has on mental health AOD services.

“I look after my own mental health by ensuring that I have a healthy work/life balance, and walking each day while listening to my favouring health and wellness podcasts”

One of my favourite quotes is let go of who you think you are supposed to be and embrace who you are (Brene Brown).  I am also mindful to practice gratitude each day no matter what the day brings”.

“My silly talent is that I am double-jointed in my shoulders and elbows!”

When asked if she is a dog or cat person, “I am an all-animals person!  I love all creatures great and small, however, if I had to choose between a dog and a cat, it would be a dog”.

Rahnee Butterworth (she/her)


“I host and coordinate our support programs, network with other services and organisations, and support the organisation in its systemic advocacy.

“What I most enjoy about my role is engaging with families and friends and I enjoy being able to use a range of my skills within the organisation, but also the never ending learning opportunities.

“I look after my own mental health by loving on my big puppy Jackson, listening to true crime podcasts, spending time with my family, engaging in therapy and journalling, and watching Family Guy on repeat.

“My favourite quote is, ‘And here you are living, despite it all.’ This is a poem by my favourite poet, Rupi Kaur, whose writing got me through some dark times.

“A silly talent I have? I’m really good at spending money, if that counts?

Rahnee’s response when asked if she’s a dog or cat person, “Dog’s rule. Cat’s drool.”

Picture of Vicki sitting in front of a hanging plant with slight smile on her face.

Vicki Kember (she/her)


“I manage the daily operations of the organisation”.

“What I most enjoy about my role is working for an organisation that has such a positive impact on families and friends, and the wider community. Our Team is so passionate and values-driven!  And I love admin.

“I look after my own mental health by getting dirty in the garden, being creative with macrame, and hanging out with my beautiful dog.”

“My favourite quote is, ‘Will you look back on life and say, “I wish I had’ or I’m glad I did?’ It’s an old cliché, but time is so short, don’t waste it.

“My useless talent is that I I can curl my tongue, raise one eyebrow at a time”.

When asked if she’s a dog or cat person, Vicki’s response is, ‘I’m definitely pro-dog. The stats say that a dog person is 78% more likely to be more agreeable than a cat person.'”

Emma Jarvis (she/her)


“I provide administration support to the team including daily operations and promotions.”

“I love working within a small team that shares the common goal of improving the wellbeing of those in our community. This mutual enthusiasm provides an incredible workplace to flourish, learn and grow.”

“I look look after my Mental Health by exercising (Pilates and Parkrun on Saturdays and bushwalking as often as I can) and spending quality time with the people I love.”

“My favourite quote is, ‘Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, stomp along and turn that light on yourself’.”

“My useless talent is being able to mimic the sound of a territorial seagull which both confuses the gulls and entertains/embarrasses relatives and friends.”

“When asked if she’s a dog or cat person, Emma’s response is: “I am definitely more of a dog person. I currently own an elderly blind Labrador named Ace and consider myself to be his seeing-eye-person.”

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