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We draw upon lived experience to provide systemic advocacy with the goal to improve mental health and alcohol and drug services and the wellbeing of families and friends.

Mental health and AOD families and friends are central to everything we do. Our purpose is to make sure the voices of families and friends – who are dealing with mental health and or alcohol and other drugs – are heard. We then use our voice to share yours. One way we do this is by writing and publishing submissions and position papers.

We’re also active members of TASCOSS and Mental Health Carers Australia.

If you’d like to lend your voice, to help us to continue to advocate on behalf of families and friends please share your knowledge, wisdom, and experiences through any of our relevant surveys below:

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As a mental health family friend, you have rights. And the health system has responsibilities to both you and the person you support. The Triangle of Care model (pictured below) illustrates how you, the person you support and good health professionals working together provides the opportunity for the most beneficial and positive outcome for all involved.

As a support person, information empowers you. That’s why we’ve included the following links:

Tasmanian Mental Health System

Tasmanian Mental Health Act 2013

Mental Health Projects and Initiatives (priorities)

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