The Drug Education Network has launched CODE (Community Online Drug Education) to give the Tasmanian community timely access to evidence-based information relating to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The new resource is for family and friends seeking drug related resources and information for the first time.

“CODE is in response to the conversations we have had with parents, guardians, friends and family over the past few years. Collectively, they have told us that finding trustworthy and reliable information online can be very difficult — especially on topics relating to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs,” said Shirleyann Varney, Chief Executive Officer of the Drug Education Network.

CODE is Safer than Google

CODE will connect Tasmanians to correct, up-to-date and evidence-based information about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The site will be regularly monitored and updated by DEN to ensure accuracy. This will allow community members to engage with information in a safe, self-directed way.

“Community members will engage in learning and research, knowing that they can trust the information is accurate in a way that a generic google search would not provide,” added Varney.

“If community members don’t know where to start, the Community Conversations page on the website is a great place to begin. Community Conversations are collections of information and resources about common topics and issues occurring within our Tasmanian community. DEN will be uploading new content to this page regularly.”

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