The Drug and Alcohol Emergency Department (ED) Brief Intervention Team has commenced in the South of Tasmania

We are pleased to announce that the Drug and Alcohol Emergency Department (ED) Brief Intervention Team (DABIT) has commenced work in the South of Tasmania. The new team will operate as an expansion of the existing Alcohol and Drug Service (ADS) Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Consultation and Liaison Team.ย  The expanded team will exist to support patients (and the ED staff who treat them) who present to the RHH with alcohol and other drug (AOD) concerns. In doing so, the team will work with ED staff to provide specialist advice and with ED patients to provide harm reduction strategies, advice, and referrals to AOD treatment options.

The focus of this team is on prevention, early intervention, harm reduction activities and brief interventions as a part of continuum of care.

The expanded team consists of AOD medical specialists, clinical nurse consultants, and allied health professionals. Going forward, it is hoped that peer workers will also be engaged to support ADS consultation and liaison work more broadly.ย  Under this model, client peer workers would complement the existing clinical and medical teams to deliver person-centred, trauma-informed, and recovery-orientated care.

The expanded ADS Consultation and Liaison Team aims to enhance the capacity of RHH staff to address AOD issues in their routine clinical work. The Team:

  • Provides advice, information, and education to staff at the RHH to develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence to identify, intervene briefly and care for patients with AOD concerns.
  • Builds the capacity of RHH staff to provide patients with access and referral to both specialist and community sector AOD services as appropriate.

The expansion of the ADS Consultation and Liaison Team to include ED-based drug and alcohol brief intervention support will ensure that Tasmanians affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use can access appropriate, timely, effective, and quality alcohol, tobacco and other drugs services, supports and treatments based on contemporary and evidence informed best practice.

On behalf of the Tasmanian Health Services – “Thank you to all who have been involved in reaching this exciting point and your anticipated ongoing support for this expanded service.”

For more information about the expanded service, the AOD Reform Program and upcoming initiatives, please contact

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