The MHFFTas advisory group (M-LEAG)

Young woman standing side on in front of a blue building dressed in blue and gold cape, blue boots arms in the air as if flying like a superheroOkay, stop laughing or scratching your head, or whatever it is you’re doing. We get it; it does sound a bit silly: the M-LEAG. Sounds like a group of cape-wearing, lycra-clad individuals running around an office pretending to be superheroes. What a great image! But hang on, stay with us. While the M-LEAG aren’t people pretending and playing dress up, in our eyes, the M-LEAG are superheroes. Everyday heroes.

It’s simple really. Like all good superheroes, the M-LEAG have superpowers. Want to know what they are? They give back! They use their hard-earned support journey lessons and share them with other support people with the hope their wisdom can lessen the load for others, give comfort during those challenging days, and sometimes just validate the experience of Tasmanian mental health and AOD families and friends.

The M-LEAG provides real-life information that helps to inform our workshops and programs, our communications, and the resources we create for families and friends.

In 2022, the group informed our 70+ page self-advocacy toolkit, along with its corresponding workshops that we delivered across the state, with some members co-facilitating.

We have more exciting workshops coming up and many more opportunities for the M-LEAG to continue using their superpowers.

If you’d like to know about this group or would like to flex your superhero muscles, please Contact Us.

Note: Lycra and superhero cape are optional.

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