Appreciation for women as caregivers in our society.

International Womens Day is an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate the incredible role of women all over the world and the significant part that they play as caregivers in our lives.
Here’s a list of points to celebrate:
  • “There are 2.65 million Australians providing unpaid care to someone with a disability, a long-term illness or frailty due to age. 70% of carers are women.Your side
  • “A study conducted by Oxfam and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found on average, women complete two more additional hours of housework and taking care of children than the men in their families.” – sourced from article by One Tough Job.
  • Women and girls are putting in 12.5 billion hours of unpaid care work every day. Informal care can be anything from helping someone get up and about to making sure they’ve taken their medication. Each day the role of women in unpaid care is truly staggering. Hundreds of millions of people rely on their dedication and love to live a good quality of life.” – article by Zenya Smith

  • According to the NHS, female carers are more likely to be providing ‘round the clock’ care too.
    A survey by the NHS found that 60% of female carers were providing over 50 hours of care a week.” – article by Zenya Smith
  • Unpaid informal care subsidizes health and long term care systems. If an additional 10% of older people currently receiving informal support were to be provided with formal care, public expenditure on long-term care in European Union countries would need to double.” – World Health Organisation 2022
  • Unpaid care is worth an estimated $60 billion a year to the Australian economy. More than industries like accommodation, food and tourism.”- article by Your Side
  • Australian carers provide 2.2 billion hours of informal care each year, with an estimated value of $77.9 billion.”
  • Women constitute most informal caregivers for those with advanced age and mental health issues(7, 8)

“It’s not an easy role. These women face many challenges, including balancing caring responsibilities with paid work, navigating complex health and social systems, and dealing with often overwhelming emotional and physical demands. Many also experience financial strain, after reducing working hours or giving up paid work altogether.

Despite these challenges, female carers make an invaluable contribution to the Australian community, doing a job that would otherwise be done by paid professionals. They’re able to deliver a level of emotional comfort and companionship that cannot be replicated by support workers. Recognising their important role, the government has implemented a range of programs, like Carer Gateway.” – – article by Your Side

While this isn’t an exhaustive list I hope that it highlights the incredible role that women play in caring for the friends and families in our lives.
Thank you to all of the women for the role you play in caring for the friends and families in our lives –We appreciate you!

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