A survey to shape evidence-informed resources for safe communication around lived and living experience of suicide.


Everymind is surveying people with lived & living experience of suicide to inform new resources that will help individuals, along with media and others who may be assisting them, in sharing their stories.

The findings from the research will help to develop resources for people with lived and living experience, media professionals and public communicators.

For this research project, a lived or living experience of suicide is defined as: “Having experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, supported a loved one through suicidal crisis, or been bereaved by suicide” (Roses in the Ocean).

This research project aims to understand how people with a lived and living experience of suicide consume and interact with media and public communication about suicide. This may involve exposure to content shared via mainstream media sources, social media, podcasts, public campaigns, community presentations, online forums, and other platforms or mediums.

This project also seeks to understand considerations people need to make before sharing their own stories of suicide publicly and how media and public communication professionals can support people who are sharing their stories.

This national survey has been developed with people who have a lived and living experience of suicide.

The survey takes between 15-30 minutes. All responses will be anonymous.


Go to the survey to have your say – additional information and a participation information statement is provided.


If you have any questions about this research project or require assistance in completing the survey, please contact

Everymind Project Lead,

Dr Elizabeth Paton


02 4924 6900

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