A series of discussions (podcasts) on Mental Health, from those with direct and first hand experience of mental illness, aimed at empowering, educating and reducing stigma.The goal of the podcasts is to educate, reduce stigma and empower those who live with and support those with mental illness. In the same way the ABC series ‘ You Can’t Ask That’ provides a platform for minority groups to debunk myths and prejudice. The podcasts provide an avenue to be heard and send out key messages to our community about how to better understand and support the biggest and most pressing health issue of our time.

The podcasts are by Alison Salisbury, the Sane Australia Hocking Community Award Winner 2019–2020.

To learn more about Alison see Get to know Alison Salisbury (pp 22-23)” and Journey – a mother’s carer story. (Presented at the MHFFTas Forum 8th October 2019).
As a recipient of the Hocking Community Grant Alison’s project will:
  • allow unpaid primary carers to express their lived experiences on factors that contribute to carer stress, fatigue and burnout, when caring for those with complex mental health issues.
  • compare and contrast the lived experience of carers, operating under different models of community mental health care across three jurisdictions: Australia, United Kingdom and Trieste, Italy.
  • examine the relationship between frequencies of caring demands; length of time in the caring role; the types of caring tasks; challenges of the caring situation and carers.
  • will explore each model through survey, interview and storytelling: carer participants share their experiences and ideas about which support services have proven most valuable to them in their caring roles.

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