Meeting the needs of Tasmanians before they reach crisis point

The Department of Health is working with Everymind and the Tasmanian Culture Care Connect program to develop a new service for Tasmania to support people in the early stages of distress.

While there are many services that support people through difficult times – including family crisis, relationship breakdown, financial distress, and job loss or business failure, we want to establish a service that meets people’s needs before they reach their own crisis point.

Everymind and the Tasmanian Culture Care Connect program have been engaged by the Department of Health to learn from Tasmanians about how this new service should look.

How do I participate?

There will be two phases of consultation. In the first phase, we are seeking your views on the support currently available for people experiencing the early signs of distress in Tasmania, including what programs and services you offer, how it is accessed, and the challenges faced.

The second phase is scheduled for February – March 2024 and we will be seeking your views to help us understand what should be included in an early distress support service for Tasmania. The new service aims to apply a holistic social and emotional well-being approach that has been used by our First Nations people for many years to keep people strong, resilient, and well, through connection to culture, self, and others.

If you are happy to contribute, there are three ways to provide your views:

  1. Online survey – please click here to answer a short online survey.
  2. One-on-one interview – to discuss your views in further detail via a one-on-one interview (telephone or video call) with the Everymind team. To register, please email:
  3. Online workshop – to share and workshop views collaboratively. This will be dependent on the number of registrations received. To register, please email:

We encourage you to follow this link to find out more about this exciting new initiative

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