7 Tips to help children cope with back-to-school anxiety

“Change can be exciting, but it’s often scary, too.”

“If your child is feeling fearful and anxious about the return to school, you may be unsure how to help them. This can be an upsetting and challenging situation for you as a parent or carer, too.

Here are some steps to take to help your child with their return to the classroom:

  • Let your child know you hear them – This can help your child move on from negative emotions and towards solving the problem with you.
  • Find out what’s worrying them – Finding out what in particular is worrying them will help you work out a solution – perhaps with the assistance of a teacher or other professional.
  • Let them know it’s OK to feel scared – this fear is not a sign of weakness.
  • Take things step by step – Breaking a task down into bite-size chunks and focusing on small successes that you can link together over time can make a big hurdle – like the return to school – more manageable.
  • Focus on Sleep – go to bed 15 min earlier during the week, exercise during the day, reduce screen-time and even missing some extracurricular activities at the start of the school year might be helpful.
  • Pay attention to your own mood – Try to avoid negative conversations, in real life or online, about going back to school.
  • Encourage optimism – Before going to bed each night, you could both write down three things you are looking forward to the following day – seeing friends, an after-school club, a favourite meal. This can help you both balance out the negative emotions you might be feeling about the day ahead.The Conversation

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The original article published by Trudy Meehan, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and Jolanta Burke, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

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