The Government is committed to continuing its established process of strong engagement with the Tasmanian Community.

Community consultation is an important part of the annual Budget development process. Input from the community into this process is highly valued by the Government. The consultation process provides all Tasmanians with the opportunity to have input into the Budget decisions which shape the delivery of services to our community.

While Ministers and Government agencies meet with community groups and individuals on a wide range of issues on a continuous basis, this process provides a specific opportunity for input to the 2018‑19 Budget development process.

Mental Health Carers Tasmania is proposing actions to deliver on two priority areas for mental health carers that need addressing, one that relates to how Community Managed Mental Health (CMMH) services can work inclusively and consistently with carers; and the other, an initiative to ensure that carers are able to access services and supports which they are currently unaware of.  The proposals are:

MHCTas BPS Proposal 1:

Building the capacity of Community Managed Mental Health (CMMH) services to improve their family and carer inclusive culture and practice. We recommend funding be allocated to MHCTas to work alongside CMMH services to implement the “Guide” through the employment of a CMMH Services Project Officer – 3 year budget of $381,450.

MHCTas BPS Proposal 2:

Engaging with those carers who don’t recognise they are carers is a key concern for MHCTas. To remedy MHCTas requests that Government allocates suitable funds to create a Communications and Carer Engagement role which would cover the State – 3 year budget of $381,450.

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