Everyone experiences grief and loss. It’s not just bereavement. It’s your natural response to losing any person or thing that is important to you. This could be losing a job, a relationship or any turn of events that doesn’t go as you hoped or expected.

If you’re going through grief or loss, or finding you experience more grief during the pandemic, we invite you to join a special Forums Topic Tuesday, hosted by our friends at SANE Australia.

Head to the Forums Tuesday 3 August, for a safe space to discuss grief, loss and how to support yourself and others with loss.

#grief #griefandloss # griefandlosssupport #griefandhealing

Please follow this link: https://saneforums.org/t5/Special-Events/Topic-Tuesday-Grief-and-Loss-Tues-3rd-August-7-00-8-30PM-AEST/m-p/1075939

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