Be a part of the Lived or Living Experience Authority: Membership Recruitment Open Now!

Want to call upon your lived experience lens to inform, challenge and lead key stakeholders at a governance level?
Are you committed to human rights, improving services, co-design and driving innovation?

Wellways has embarked on a journey to create a Lived Experience governance body called the Lived and Living Experience Authority and have just begun  recruitment for member roles.

Wellways’ LLE workforce will become an important agency at all levels and in all settings of the organisation, including leadership, specialist and operational roles. LLE will have authority in governance, advisory and decision-making roles.

The Board expects to learn from, be challenged and held to account by and to work in partnership with the LLE Authority to ensure that governance decisions reflect LLE perspectives.

The members led by the Co-Chairs will contribute to establishing the mechanisms by which the Authority will operate, including their relationships with the Board and CEO, its connection to the experience of people using Wellways’ services, and processes and structures of the Authority.

Join us on a transformational journey and be part of this initiative by applying for the role of Lived and Living Experience Authority member!

We are recruiting members now!

***Applications are open from 1 February to 25 February***

For more information go to:

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