7 steps to develop an organisational lived expertise engagement framework.

About the framework:

This document provides seven high-level steps for an organisation to develop a framework for engaging consumers with lived expertise.

How was the framework developed:

Primary Health Tasmania identified the absence of established and agreed best practice principles for engaging with consumers with lived expertise in the primary and community sectors in Tasmania. In late 2022, we completed an initial consultation with various stakeholders, which indicated there was strong interest within the sector for the creation of a high-level framework for lived expertise engagement that could be applied across primary health, social and consumer organisations.

To address this need, Primary Health Tasmania engaged with Mental Health Lived Experience Tasmania (MHLET, formally known as Flourish) who worked with Mental Health Family and Friends Tasmania (US!), and Health Consumers Tasmania, to support lived expertise to co-produce this work.

How does the framework work?

The framework uses a checklist which is designed to encourage targeted questions and self-reflection on an organisations capacity to apply lived expertise and assist to develop a framework that lasts.

This checklist is an exciting tool for organisations to establish and maintain respectful and long-lasting connections with one or more lived experience groups.

The framework is basic guide and provides information on each of the following seven steps, as well as a simple checklists to self-assess your organisation’s capacity to develop a lived expertise framework.

The purpose of the framework:

  1. To increase understanding of structured engagement with lived expertise.
  2. To be a tool for organisations to establish a lived/living experience engagement framework and/or assess their current lived/ living experience engagement practices.
  3. To provide a consistent set of principles and enactors to inform engagement with lived expertise in Tasmania.

Why develop a lived expertise framework?

  • To establish and maintain respectful and long-lasting connections with one or more lived experience groups.
  • To assist with the engagement of a specific cohort of consumers with distinct additional experiences
  • To assist with meeting regulatory and funding requirements
  • To align with the core organisational values
  • To have an easy-to-follow document that can be adapted to your organisation and applied over the long-term
  • To extend, encourage reflection and build on existing lived/living experience frameworks already present in organisations.

Final remarks…

We hope that you find this framwork to be a valuable resource to your organisation!

For a more information about this framework

got to: Person-centred care – Primary Health Tasmania

The full document is also available on the Primary Health Tasmania: Seven steps framework – lived experience (primaryhealthtas.com.au)

Engaged by Primary Health Tasmania, Mental Health Families and Friends Tasmania worked with Mental Health Lived Experience Tasmania and Health Consumers Tasmania to co-produce the seven steps framework (image sourced from Seven steps framework – lived experience (primaryhealthtas.com.au)

Image source: https://shorturl.at/epCG2

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