Family and Friend Representative Program

“The strength of the Family and Friend Representative Program is the pathway and opportunity for my voice to be heard, acknowledged, and to be able to make a difference.  It has been a healing opportunity for me too”

Who is it for?

  • Do you have lived or living experience supporting a family or friend living with mental ill health and or alcohol or other drug use? Support could be emotional, physical, financial, and/or practical.
  • Have you engaged with the health system, and/or government agencies managed by mental health services?
  • Are you passionate about the lived experience voice guiding changes to ensure other families and friends, and the people they support, receive the best care they need and deserve?

What will you get?

  • Training Program and other training and education opportunities
  • Comprehensive induction and support in the beginning
  • Readily available and ongoing support from the Lived Experience Project Officer, and the MHFFTas Team
  • Access to 3 free and confidential counselling sessions through our Employment Assistant Program
  • Opportunities to connect with other Representatives
  • Remuneration for your time and travel expenses

What will you do?

Some of the activities you will have the opportunity to participate in are:

  • Interview panels for staff coming into services, to ensure the best staff are being employed in the services
  • Advisory groups to support the development of services and programs to ensure that the development and delivery of these services think about families and friends, and those they love.
  • Consultation groups, to ensure that the family and friend voice and experiences are heard
  • Review committees to ensure the current services are providing the best support and practices to families and friends and consumers
  • Opportunities to present at staff trainings, focus groups and other events to ensure the family and friend voice is heard.

This is a voluntary opportunity, meaning you are not obliged to participate in everything, and you have the support from the organisation to be able to take a step back from the program and come back in whenever you need, because we know that supporting someone living with mental ill health and or alcohol and other drug use is episodic and unpredictable.

If this opportunity interests you please get in touch or fill out the Application Form and email it to:
Phone: 03 6228 7448 or 0429 121 576. For queries, email:

mental health families & friends TASMANIA

acknowledges the invaluable contribution that family and friends give as they support their loved ones through their mental health diagnosis and recovery.

MHFFTas recognises that family and friends work hard and face many challenges. Family and friends are doing the best they can with the time and resources they have.

To the support person, thank you for all you do.

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