Conversations with Families and Friends

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We know how important education and information is for our capacity building, our confidence, resilience, and our ability to problem solve. Families and friends know that the more information they can get, the better they can support their own wellbeing, and the recovery of their family member and or friend.

Our Conversations with Families and Friends Program is for those who support or supported a family member and or friend who has lived or living experience of mental ill health and or alcohol and other drugs use. Your role is invaluable, and your experiences and needs are valid and deserve to be supported.

These sessions provide support the opportunity to hear from guest speakers with the expertise, knowledge and experience to speak to a range of topics that really matter to, and impact, you.

At MHFFTas we know the support role can be hard to navigate; it can be confusing and isolating. Finding relevant and appropriate information can be a challenge. We know this because we’re informed by the lived experience of mental health and or AOD families and friends and they continue to tell us that education is essential to making their role more manageable.

We know that information is empowering. Hearing directly from health professionals and others with lived experience provides an opportunity to gain information and knowledge about how best to support not only their family member and or friend’s recovery but also how to look after and understand their own journey and mental wellbeing.

In these sessions, we have guests speakers come and talk to topics such as:

  • How to manage expectations
  • How to set and maintain personal boundaries
  • How to advocate for ourselves and our loved ones.
  • Grief and loss
  • Services that are out there for yourself and the person/s you support
  • How we support someone living with a particular diagnosis
  • How we support someone using a particular drug
  • Updates from government mental health and AOD services
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Interested? Come along to our online and or face-to-face sessions. This is a safe space and time just for you, so you’re welcome to come along for a whole session or just a little while. If you participate online, you can keep your camera off and participate through the chat feature.

NOTE: Our sessions are not open people with lived and living experience of mental ill health and/or AOD use. Nor are they open people working in service provision. However, if in your personal life you support a family member and or friend living with mental ill health and/or AOD use, you’re more than welcome, we just ask that you wear your “family and friend hat”.



Email or phone 6228 7448 for more information

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